Learn how to buy online with Dumbulo

Dumbulo brings you online shopping for Ethiopia. From groceries to washing machines, dumbulo is a website that sells just what you want. If there’s a particular brand or store you like, you can go straight to their products, which carry broad ranges of new and second-hand items. If you’re a bargain hunter, you can use a price comparison features, which lists the products according to price

In this guide, we’re going to show you how to buy a product online and make a transaction with dumbulo.
If you would like to shop online with dumbulo, you will need the following details ready:

      1.            Email address  – need to register with your email address to place order with order status at each step is communicated through email.

      2.            Mobile phone number  – working mobile phone number

      3.            Address – shipping address for your order

      4.            CBE Birr account  – for making sms payment for your order

Follow these step-by-step instructions to learn how to buy online with dumbulo

Step 1 Open dumbulo’s website

On your browser address bar type the url http://www.dumbulo.comAfter short while dumbulo’s home page displays. You can change language to English or Amharic by clicking the button EN or ET at the top right corner.


Step 2 Locate the items in the Dumbulo’s catalogue

To do this use the search engine provided on the site and enter the terms that describe what you are looking for or click any of the categories from the menu. Dumbulo lists products related to your search or category with an option to filter and sort the results. You can click the table buttons on the right-hand side of the screen to display the list in different format. You click each item to see more information or just click BUY button to add it to your cart.


Step 3 Place your order

When you finish adding items you want to purchase click CHECKOUT button on the right-hand side of the screen to start the process of placing your order. You will get shopping cart summary.

Click proceed to checkout. The next step in the checkout process is sign in into dumbulo. If you are new user you can create account using your social account or typing your email in left side.

If you just create an account. It asks you to add an address

When you finish adding address give a name for your address and click save button. Dumbulo displays the addresses you chose.


Click proceed to checkout at the bottom. Dumbulo displays the shipping options available for your selected address

Select shipping option and select the check box that requires you to agree to dumbulos terms. You can read the terms by clicking the link. Click proceed to checkout to continue.


Next step is payment select CBE Birr pay bills option. Confirmation window displays. Click I confirm my order.

Information telling your order is now placed displays. It also displays how to make the payment using CBE Birr Processing will start once you made the payment using CBE Birr. You can follow your order status by clicking the button VIEW ORDER HISTORY at the bottom.


Your order history now shows Awaiting SMS payment


Step 4 Make payment using CBE Birr


1. On your mobile type and call *847#

Select Pay Bill from main menu(Replay 5)


1. CBE Birr will show options for short code

Select Input Short Code from the menu (Reply 2)


3. CBE Birr asks the Short Code of Bill Company (in this case Dumbulo)

Enter Dumbulo’s CBE Birr short code which is 251995


4.CBE Birr asks the bill refernce

Enter the bill reference(Order no) you received when placing the order


5. CBE Birr  retrieves details from dumbulo’s server and displays


To Confirm payment( Replay 1) or

Cancel (Replay 2)


6 CBE Birr asks your PIN CODE

Reply your CBE Birr pin code


7. CBE Birr displays the following information

You will get SMS about the transaction


Step 5 Follow up your order

If you refresh your Order History it should display payment accepted.

You can click Details Button to the right to follow on the status of your order