Pay Dumbulo using Pay Bill Service of CBE Birr

A CBE Birr customer can deposit, withdraw, transfer money, make payments, buy mobile airtime and pay bill using a mobile phone in a very simple and convenient way.
In order to get access to CBE Birr services, a customer needs to go to the nearby authorized agent with her/his mobile number and valid ID.

CBE Birr

Make payment using CBE Birr


1. On your mobile type and call *847#

Select Pay Bill from main menu(Replay 5)


1. CBE Birr will show options for short code

Select Input Short Code from the menu (Reply 2)


3. CBE Birr asks the Short Code of Bill Company (in this case Dumbulo)

Enter Dumbulo’s CBE Birr short code which is 251995


4.CBE Birr asks the bill refernce

Enter the bill reference(Order no) you received when placing the order


5. CBE Birr  retrieves details from dumbulo’s server and displays


To Confirm payment( Replay 1) or

Cancel (Replay 2)


6 CBE Birr asks your PIN CODE

Reply your CBE Birr pin code


7. CBE Birr displays the following information

You will get SMS about the transaction